The housing market in most parts of the country is now in its second year of a deep recession. Many experts predict many months of the same. The fact that housing values continue to deflate is enough to scare most homebuyers away, but when you add the fact that home loans are even harder to get right now, the house buying process becomes an even more difficult decision. So if you have a house that is going to go up for sale or if your thinking about entering the housing market as a seller, here is a good idea to improve your kitchen and ultimately improve the marketability of your house.

When a home buyer is looking at a house the first impression is always the most lasting. Curb appeal is basically what this is called and that part of selling your house is for another day. What we want to focus on is the number two reason people buy houses; the kitchen. 8 out of 10 potential buyers who walk through a house remember what the kitchen looks like and what its benefits verses faults were. That is a surprising number because most people only remember small bits of each house that they have looked at during a house hunting session. (Factors that help this are the number of houses, the size of the house, and the different locations of the houses).

So in this slow housing market, you want to focus on something that is going to stand out in the home buyers mind; the kitchen. This leads to the question -- what is the most significant part of the kitchen? Choices include floors; appliances, lighting, but the part that stands out the most is the kitchen cabinets. It is the most dominant aspect of the kitchen, and the easiest way to create a "wow" factor. Most people will remember a kitchen cabinet; it could be because of the color or stain, the design of the cabinet, or mostly because of the clean feel that a new kitchen cabinet gives.