To Do List For Moving   

This list will help you as you plan to move from your current residence to your new residence. You can print this out and use it as a check list.

NOTE: Keep track of your moving expenses. Some may be tax deductible !!!!


1) What is the busiest moving season of the year?

2) At what time of the month do most people move?

The answers are given later.

These items are listed in the general order that you will do them. You should begin about 6 to 8 weeks before moving.

__ Find a moving company. Have them give you a written estimate.
__ Start discarding items that you will not be moving.
__ Inform your company of the address change for their mailings - especially your W2 form.
__ Request a transcript of your children's school records. Contact the new school.
__ Begin looking into churches or synagogues to transfer membership.
__ Start collecting cardboard boxes and other containers for moving. Begin packing out of season clothes and other items.
__ If you are going to be taking draperies and/or carpets, have them cleaned before you move and then pack them for protection.

Notify the following companies/agencies/people of your move. When applicable, contact new ones in the area you're moving to.

__ Electric company
__ Gas company
__ Water
__ Telephone - Keep your current phone in service through moving day. You may need it that day.
__ Trash removal
__ Auto insurance
__ Other insurance (life, health)
__ Stock broker
__ Accountant
__ Lawyer
__ Banks
__ Credit card companies
__ Stores where you have charge accounts.
__ Doctors/Dentists - ask for referrals in the new area. Transfer records.
__ Motor vehicle department for your driver's license.
__ Governmental agencies like the Social Security Office (if you are receiving benefits), Veterans Administration, federal and state tax offices.
__ Newspapers, magazines, other publications you might be receiving.
__ Family, friends, business contacts - put together a letter to be sent to these people.
__ Book or record clubs.
__ Cable T.V.
__ Post Office - leave a forwarding address.

When you get to your new home:

__ Check the telephone, gas, electricity, water.
__ Check the pilot lights in your stove, furnace, hot water heater.
__ Register to vote.
__ Register your car with a new state within 5 days.
__ Get a new driver's license.
__ Purchase a new city or village sticker for your car.
__ Go through your check list above - make sure each item has been completed.

Answers to the questions:

1) As you might have guessed, the busiest moving season is the summer.

2) Most people move on the first and last days of the month.

Using these two facts you can plan accordingly. For instance, if you're planning to move in the summer, make your arrangements far enough in advance.