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Landscaping A South Florida Home

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Condo Fees

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Can House Prices Continue To Fall?

How To Protect Your Property

Why Buy In Todays Market?

Preparing A Home For Sale

Home Inspection

Space Sells

Choosing The Right Patio Furniture

Getting A Quick Offer

Retirees Time To Buy

Nows The Time To Buy


Buying A Condo Info

Home Staging Questions

Home Pet Maintenance

Tips In A Recession


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Tips To Selling Your Home

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Setting The Right Price

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Correct Selling Price

Making The Most In A Buyers Market

Wall Fountains

Selling Your Home In 2009

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Buying Your Luxury Property

Mistakes When Selling A Home

Bathroom Lighting

Advantages In A Buyers Market

Buying A Home


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Energy Efficient Windows

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Preparing Your Home For Sale

Presenting Your Home

Curb Appeal

Moving With Kids

Credit In Todays Market

Choosing The Right Neighborhood

Tips On Buying A Home

Prevent Mold In Your Home


South Florida Condo Market Attracts Foreigners

Windstorm Inspection

Get Mortgage Preapproval

Renovating In Todays Market

Communicating With Your Realtor

Waterfront Living

Installing A Home Theatre

Transporting Your Pet

How To Price Your Home Properly

Buying A Condo In South Florida

Buying Waterfront Property

The Importance Of An Accurate Listing Price


The Difference Between A Condo,Townhouse,Co-op

Selling A Luxury Home Faster-Remodel

Dogs are sweet, BUT!

Be Careful not to Overprice Your Home

Prepare Your Home For Sale
Importance Of Location

About the Town of Highland Beach
Finding The Right Home

You Got a Quick Offer